The Forest House is For Sale...

So this informal page attempts to document this cool property.
This is 360 spherical video.

It's 2010 and the Forest House is right in the centre of Sea to Sky country
between Vancouver and whistler. Its going on the market in
an unfinished state for a few months before the olympics in case someone
wants to have a great olympics party house and fix it up to sleep 10...

This is government lease land and can only be owned by citizens of BC.

A 360 walk across the suspension bridge and up the trail.
This is a long movie. That's because I don't want to mislead you. To
get to the forest house you park your car and walk for nearly a kilometer.

This is waterfront property with a building spot high above the 200 year floods of
2003.  The 3 boulder house is large with oak hardwood floors.

A spherical tour of the house's interior. Really the place could have been cleaned up and
a few pieces of furnitures moved in...

A 360 degree walkaround of the house's porches

Finally a walk around the trails on the land down to the river and an atv ride out

contact for more info...