Well  if you're interested in MS , there's a lot of reading to do..
I've barely started....

General MS pages

My favorite page,since I'm interested in research, is the boston MS Cure Project
it's updated almost every day, and really keeps me current on what's going on. I especially like their
research page

But talking to Art  at the Boston Cure project , he thinks the best page on the web is I'd agree that their links page is the best out there!

Another key resource is the MS forum page at Harvard...

But there's tons of general info.
There's the
Multiple Sclerosis International Federation

and the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

and we can't forget the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

a patient run page with a good url is

Alternative MS Pages
I like the water cure because no drug company is making a profit on it...

The name of this page, MSRebel  makes sense...
A webring on alternatives...

I'm very interested in vitamin D and how it effect MS
paper 1    paper 2

A naysayer on interferon

 MS Pages on Research

This was the first good resource I found at msif

The candians have good info

This link might help you if you want to get in on a clinical trial

This paper from Australia caught my eye

 Companies to watch...

I think BioMS may have some ideas on how to treat progressive MS

Nerocrine BioScience is another...




A definition...



understanding the immune system

A great resource on cytokines by Horst Ibelgauft

Buy you ELISA kit here. ..

Other MS resources...

This is a great article on the years progress, 2002/2003

There are over 150 MS discussion groups at yahoo...

Insomniaville made me laugh...

Aapo  does good work

Here's a link on MS as an STD

And here's a study that mimics the anti-rejection of pregnancy

Here's a google search on the term ' oral tolerance '

"The Canadian geologist Dr. Ashton F. Embry (his son has MS) collected these studies [2] and tried to come to conclusions of how to treat MS ( His aim was to identify the cause of MS and thus to improve or even cure the disease. His results should perhaps be more consequently followed up."

The possible connection between auto immune diseases and the gastrointestinal tract are not ignored by all. Dr. John Mansfield, an English doctor, assumes that many chronic diseases with unclear causes have their beginnings in the digestive tract. In his opinion, the mislead immune system - mainly of the digestive tract - develops its work of destruction in many other parts of the body [5]. A situation that could certainly apply to MS too.

Dr. John Mansfield is specialized on food intolerances among other things. He tries to find the basic cause of a chronic disease, which may well stand in connection with the food intolerances. Diseases such as migraine, arthritis and asthma can thus be sensibly treated. MS is not yet on his list. On the other hand it is known that MS often proceeds in combination with food intolerances. However, MS has the disadvantage that the causality between the ingestion of the intolerable food and the following symptoms are not so easily recognizable as those of migraine or asthma.

To summarize, one can say that it is a rather complex situation which often involves food intolerances and other intestinal problems.
Roger MacDougall

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