December 1 2012: This document is a decade old and I turned 50, the news is I'm still here. Not writing much software just did 4 novels, MS has become more central to my life but kind of in remission right now…Narratia has made me aware of history and how today is part of it.

June 30 2009: Wow life is really good these days. Taking a moment to notice is good, and compare with the dark days of 2002 when I started this. My Father had just died, I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Bush was the president, and global warming was denied by most. Now I am just back from a trip around the world, building a house on the new 250 acre ranch in the okanagen, Jogging 5k a day when I can and starting to get more work with my new ladybug 2. Global warming is on the agenda to deal with and I am no longer a lunatic who believes in fantasies

but a mainstream thinker who has work to do. 

Jan 14 2006

       Well the first entry here was 4 years ago and the only thing I keep up on is my 

text blog . Sometimes I post to the new movies, a new version of vrh, but really 

the web is starting to look like a slow archival beast more than a nimble interactive 

t.v. network like i imagined.(or at least that's my current excuse for not keeping up 

on updates)  Will update this again...dunno when. I wonder how 

the global toast site will look then...

April 12 2005 

Just back from a nice trip to costa rica. I can't see well enough to drive much these days.

Dec 1, 2003 

Not sleeping that great. Gives me time to work on my web page... ...

May 10, 2003 

Just back from a month in France , and 2 months building a log cabin north of here...No MS symptoms to speak of...

The music section has been fun, want to get the movies caught up, and then do the writing... This is a lifestyle as much as 

an artistic discipline as much as a web page, and I tend to wander off into other projects, then return...

October 28, 2002... 

Well, I'm 2 weeks away from my 40th birthday, and the tension between living life, and recording life, is 

relaxing, so I can spend some time recording what's been going on so far... 

The web is full of links with 'coming soon' stuck to them and I'm adding to that... but it's nice to have a

blank slate to fill in...

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