350 words on climate change

    Wow I haven't counted words since school, but this will be three hundred and fifty words long.
It's part of 350 day which I hope will get celebrated next year and many years following…
 oct 24 shall be 350 day.

      In 2009 on the first 350 day I wrote this.  

      I have to admit I've been tworking on this for a day or two now. My 8 year old daughter and I made a big 350 on the lawn using leaves. The wind kind of blew it away and I realized lawns are really bad for global warming. Unlike say, the wetland forest that wants to come up here, they need mowing with C02 blasters. I bought the cordless electric mower from home depot, but the gardener uses gas. I can't ask him to waste time using a smaller slower machine when he's working by the hour… so lawns are toxic. I used to think that a 2 foot hedge absorbed more c02 but now I get that lawns grow back, so are ok in that way.. 

      then I thought 350 in fireworks! but no, that's a pretty polluting way of showing support too.

     Really the right way to do this is to plant 350 trees. Install 350 solar panels. Solar irrigate 350 acres of desert and make it bloom. Put in 350 heat pump hot water tanks…

then I thought about how hopeless it is. While BC has a 15 tons per capita footprint, our neighbours to the east in Alberta are well over 75 tons per person per year now…They say they have enough tar sands for 500 years! I thought of futile 350's like 350 grains of sand pouring onto a beech, or 350 cups of water pouring into a river and flowing away.

So here are my 350 intentions. Resolutions.  To buy an electric motorcycle. A tarn gasifying wood burner. Solar Thermal hot water…a magnetic levitating windmill…

but that's all consumption. I think to truly make the transition to a green world we can't just collect material objects. We need to collect wisdom. I resolve to learn about solar roof tiles too. Ta da.