re: The truth behind the fatal French heat wave.

            Lorne Gunter wrote in the Edmonton Journal and the Vancouver Sun
republished, an editorial on the Greenhouse effect...
            "Turns out letter-writer Myers is wrong. A lack of air conditioners can be blamed for France's heat wave deaths - a lack of air conditioners and a glut of environmentalists. "

        Given the forest fire ravaged province, the disappearing water supply in Vancouver (drinking from the Fraser?)  the salmon who won't spawn in the two-warm rivers, the beetles that won't die off in the forests... the crops that failed last year on the prairies...(2002 was the second warmest on record, what will 2003 be?) has the artic ice really gone back 40% in the last 40 years? 11 of the last 13 years have been the hottest in history?

       I can't help thinking the Sun Editors are throwing a lamb to the wolves for the entertainment of watching it devoured. Conflict sells papers after all.

         So not wanting to play to those base human flame Lorne big time,
instead I made a page of links that show statistics. Numbers. The greenhouse effect debate should be over data.

The intergovernmental panel on climate change. Scientists from all over the world talk about climate change.

The official U.S. government epa page.

A bunch of articles from New Scientist magazine about the greenhouse effect.

An international global warming page.

Is it really positive right now to spend time in denial? It's time to get to work on solutions...