Well I got a new realtime harmonization unit
It's a TCHelicon Voiceworks .

This is an amazing new vocal synthesis tool that you
sing into and it comes out in up to 4 part hamony.

here's 8 things I recorded with it in the first couple hours
out of the box. I haven't read the manual yet, but I had
to get a friend to help set it up. It needed an internal setting
change in an arcane interface just to use it in its most
basic form. 

In 1 I say its a dutch company. Its really danish.
Its weird the things you say when your just making it up
as you go.
 in 1 and 2 I haven't figured out yet that it's got to be
in the key of c if its going to work.

But then it starts getting easier and funner. This is a very
powerful device.

Im a pretty bad vocalist but by 5 or 6 I'm doing bobby
mcferron and stuff. I love high tech applications that
make you feel powerful fast.

by 7 I'm fading its a bit funny.

8 is in swahili. At the end kulala means to sleep. Now
Im going to sleep. Truth is, what I think of a long session,
8 things, took about 3 hours.

Creative meta power.

(creations that create creations).

I mean these are a bit embarrassing but I dont mind being seen
with my hands in the clay...

note next morning: these didnt actually go up right last night.
Too bad because those were the raw files. these ones are over-compressed
about 10-1...


next day I did 3 others but the distortion and feedback got me down
so I'm going to pause and set it up to record properly.

robot (everyone in my band is a robot but me)
more distorted

Day 3

Im recording a bit better but my midi system isnt working yet
so Im just playing the keyboard and singing at the same time.

I find I cant make up very good lyrics when I'm playing everything
in realtime, but this is just testing a vocoder, tomorrow maybe Ill
have my studio working well enough to overdub.


no distortion

a weird cover of kingston town

a rif on descending bass line

Old scottish song purple heather .
very in the key of c.

probes (this goes on a bit)

My analyst told me. (I cant play this and sing at the same time but I try)

I digress   at the end and started playing a bad gilligans island theme

Day 4:

cant get the damn midi to work.

all I did today was mule which is a sketch for
a folk song for a sea to sky album Im working on for the olympics in 2010.
About a pioneer miner in the area...

souvenir you know...

Day 7

still playing with the box
here's a few bars of house of the rising su n, while I get my midi going.
it is in a minor key. I figured out how to change keys and minor/major

1 month later.
Well an obscure switch on the back of my keyboard called 'host select'
got switched  while moving it and it took  me  a month to find.
As you can imagine this was extremely frustrating.
All I did was some really bad christmas carols
I have to admit I always thought christmas carols sounded better
when sung by a bunch of drunks on the street. I think that's where
I was heading...

I mean the reason I got this box was because I was inspired by stuff
like this from imogen heap . (you need your midi to work to do this)
hope to have something new soon.

At  least this is chromatic and I like how I break into fluent munchkin in the 3rd verse.