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well its like 230 in the morning, I fell asleep about 7 and slept to 12.

This is actually a nice time to work. Its absolutely silent...except for the rain.

I heard vancouver airport got a night without rain so they had to stop the countdown at 28 days, I heard rain the 28th day and 2 days since...
at my place, its 31 nights in a row.
 starting after midnight.

Its what makes whistler a world class place to ski.
up a little higher its snow.
(my place is 30 minutes down the hill from whistler)
 Big soft dumps all the time.

I've realized the rest of the world skis on ice. At whistler its almost a different sport.
On most days I ski, if I fall, it will be a soft landing. I've also discover the easy runs after years of ski-ing hard runs. On blackcomb you can glide down switchback roads for hours in silent viewspace where the air is yummy and the mind can drift.
Its more like cross-country than downhill. gentle. (the two mountains are just huge.
You can ski a zone thats like 15km across and a couple miles up and down)

I ski sundays and there are a ton of people.
The mountain handles it well. Lineups are short.

so I was thinking of the blog when I woke up.
What is blogging? When do I blog?
That piece of music I put up yesterday was so hideous, so repugnant
that I cant sleep. But when you're over 40 its all about the avante guarde.

Take it out or dont take it at all.

also my arguement is that the web should be more at the quality of a phone conversation than a feature film. Fairly spontaneous and unrehearsed.

still, what am I trying to say? I guess that freedom exists here. There is no need to
fit into commercial formulas when you aren't selling your music.

that music has evolved to fit certain supply and demand equations-mozats garden music to play at the kings garden parties to wagners opera music to fit dramatic situations.

3 minute pop tunes for the radio
perhaps on the web, none of those formulas need to be filled.


some music should make you feel uncomfortable.

Music that says 'everything is OK' is one kind of music... 'feel soothed'

but there is another kind that says 'things are odd' 'feel awkward'.