It's nov 13 2009 it's my birthday! I'm 47.

here's my copenhagen words:

It is with hubris that I would offer words to inspire orators but so be it…

As Copenhagen approaches, we see a mankind staring deep into the mirror,
searching for a self that can control its destiny. We see a struggle in the minds
 of billions to judge the see the way forward. An honest effort can be
 assumed, but is that enough?

The best and newest data suggests that Global Warming is approaching dangerous
 feedback loops, like melting permafrost that emits methane.Also the risk of saturation,
where suddenly the 65% of Carbon taken in by plants/ocean stops increasing. Under saturation
 we would go from a world that increases it's ppm of co2 by 2 or 3 a year to a world
that increases it co2 by 10 or 20 per year.

Some say at 400ppm we saturate, (we're at 390 now,so 3 or 4 years) but only certain species of plants
 would stop taking in CO2 so early. Commercial Greenhouses pump CO2 IN to make the plants grow
better. They raise co2 to 500ppm on purpose. Still if say, the boreal forests or oceans, top out at 400 we'll
 probably be increasing by 6 or 8 a year within 5 years! When tundra starts melting you may get runaway
 methane rise…10 or 20 ppm per year easily! That makes goals like 350 seem unlikely. Goals like 500 within
 25 year start looking good..

So now is the time to step outside what is polite, politic, and polls well. Now is the time to go over your people's
 heads for their own good. The autumn of the patriarch. You must take the reins and steer this carriage to safety.
 It is not a time to argue who should drive, or where the carriage should go. Just get us safe. Its your job.