So no particular person we have to talk. 

The speaking of words has become one of my major therapies as I battle with Multiple sclerosis, the passing of time, and the winds of change. 

     I have enabled my writer. 

Let him talk.


     Hawaii was fun. March 15 to 28 2013 the family and I went to Maui. 

My first trip in a wheelchair. 

Kihei a block or two back from the beach, and I was wheeled around like a king. It's taking me a couple of weeks to get back up to speed on my elliptical trainer now that I'm home. All that sitting really slowed down my scores,  but it's worse than that. My muscles are lazy. I am lazy. To be wheeled around in a heavily medicated state sounds not that bad.  I am an altered personality as it is.

The difference between my sister in the hospice and me is that I am more rebellious. I work out. 

        Getting better is an act of rebellion. 

         Or maybe the difference is just 10 years. Maybe I'll be her- can't talk, can't walk. around the corner.

         My brother died. Maybe his cancer, my sister's parkinson's, and my multiple sclerosis are all the same thing. 

         Hope our children don't have to get it too.

         Im up at 4:30 in the morning trying to trap life in words. This evening that seems like a challenge. Life leaks out like sand between my fingers.