thursday June 3rd 2010

    I fly on Sunday. Off to Poland for the liberation procedure.Getting my veins cleaned. Like lots of other people Ill try to blog my way through it.

I saw some writing from Dr. Simka today where he suggested Liberation is  a factor in MS but not the whole story.

My religion until after next week will be that its all or nothing. It is the whole story.  Putnam, the guy who blocked the veins on dogs in 1936 producing lesions  (and maybe ms if he hadn't killed the dogs too soon) will be replicated. There will be a new animal model for ms.

 Cause and effect will be proven…

but it is just religion. Faith that may crumble.

There are glimmers of light, leaks in the problem that give hope though.

Restenosis is better than animal tests.

Thats when patients who have had angio have their veins narrow again.  MS symptoms come back. Cause and effect.

other glimmers are in anomalous cases, like the healthy control in the Buffalo study who was found to have ccsvi. They later got ms. That is going to be one of the debates going forward, what comes first ccsvi or ms. In this case I believe the truth was trapped.

Or the young patient at Georgetown in Washington DC, who had very bad ccsvi and only mild ms. buffalo in 500 cases proved that your ccsvi is as bad as your ms. This concerned me because they didn't find the georgetown case. It exists and if that person gets liberated, they miss a rough road that is oncoming.
 Because ccsvi causes ms so bad ccsvi means bad  ms to come.

But for every reason to hope there is a reason to doubt. I hope it is the fact that most ms research is paid for by drug makers that makes neuros so strongly against ccsvi. No money in it.  Turf wars between the electricians and the plumbers. But maybe they know something about these mechanisms they are not sharing.
I doubt it though…

anyways time will tell. I have an obligation to do this because I can afford it. If it's nonsense it wont hurt that badly.