Under some circumstances Orton would sleep. under some circumstances he would laugh, but mostly he was depressed. He looked up at the sky. It was 4 in the morning, there were stars and a moon. He looked down at the street. Gum blobs and cracks.

After the window wash he got started with the gutters. Trowel flip hose, trowel flip hose. There was a boss called Manny. He was psychotic. Working nights was dumbshit stuff. Windows before gutters was dumbshit stuff. "Manny is dumb shit stuff." he thought as mud from the gutters splashed onto the clean windows.

Under some circumstances Orton's shirt got extremely heavy. The weight of the little logo on his pocket "Camden house maintenance" grew enormous. He would slouch and stagger under the load.

Before this orton had had 93 jobs. Warehouse work mostly. He could really shrikwrap! and some frying. He liked that. But now he was eating Manny's stupid will all night. Except when manny skipped off to the all night diner for a few hours. Then he'd sleep.Those were the circumstances Orton liked best.