Poland Angioplasty Notes

Today I read this post from the clinic I went to in Poland.:

5 people were liberated yesterday, with pretty good results. Mostly return of feeling, and one woman's eyes "came to life". There was one woman from Hungary who did not see any results, and was apparently pretty depressed this morning about lack of results... that is, until she found out that she could stand, unassisted, for the first time in years!

My brother and 4 others had the surgery today (including Sindy's husband). In almost all of the cases the doppler didn't show anything, or very little. The venography shows all, and stenosis was found in all 5.  

dr kosteki's done around 200 ms people now and found about 84% stenosis. ~5% have lyme disease, not ms.

they did ultrasound, mri, and venogram.

The venogram showed all on me.

the membrane on ultrasound (on the left side) turned out to be more of a septum and was pierced.


really my group was less impressive. I think my bladder quit spazzing and so i am getting way better sleep and that leads to healthy stuff like my numb right hand has clear periods...

Brenda who arrived on an elbow cane, is walking in high heels now...

Mary from ireland got a negative. They think she has hughs-a blood thing...

My balance is still fucked tho. I walk like a drunk. Got super stiff on that flight home. Lobby for getting this locally because if you are angio-only you need to go back.

Maybe several times?

They found severe stenosis at the valve in the base of my right jugular in the venogram and ballooned it open twice. It reclosed each time. They asked to put a stent in.

I said no.

they were using 12mm stents, nearly twice the 6mm dake at stanford was using when the migration-to-heart occurred.

So it wasn't going anywhere but..structurally...  it was over the valve, which seemed wrong too. I need a stent with a valve.

When I said thank you to the vascular surgeon he didnt answer...Just walked out.


there's a flow rate in the jugulars that in normal people is 500.

Most people with MS have as little as 120.

I have 300. Angio increase that to maybe 350. So some improvement. A turbulent flow made more laminar by angio... so qualitative improvement as well as some quantitative.

maybe good enough until more is known... I hope.