Positive vs. Negative.



by Bill Meikle (bcmeikle@shaw.ca)

            There is an important question in how one sees the world. Should one be positive about things or negative? 


         A worrisome image pops into my head. The space shuttle challenger disaster. On inquiry, it was found that overly optimistic managers pushed the mission through despite warnings from workers that there was a problem...
As a result, lives were lost, the mission failed.


       This was clearly a case where optimism was negative.  The poles reversed: being positive became negative.


        So the most heroic gesture   would have been a worker that   stood up and very loudly and rudely shouted "STOP".  He would

be universally condemned by co-workers and management, and seen by all as negative, but when you stand back from it, that's the most positive thing that could have  happened...


        Are there other times when this is true? 


         The image that pops into my head is in the Lord of the Rings story... There's that character, (fill in name here), and he's dying and he says "you're all doomed, your mission will fail!"

As he dies...


       I don't know if you know the story, but clearly, on their quest,

To not hold hope is to die a lowly coward. The instinct towards life

Is violated by his words... (but he stole the ring to try and save his

People, so its not as bad as all that...)


          So there are times when it is "optimism or lack honour."


         Optimism or death...


          Optimism as a rule of the life force...


          And there are times like the space shuttle where saying the glass is half full, optimistically pushing forward,  is the most negative thing you can do...