It's not that I'm really that poor. I just spent my monthly income for the next couple of months already.

Tax Bill showed up, Septic Design and electrician on the cottage at clier lake.

Boom, line of credit is maxed, pay debt, nothing else.

So for the next couple of months I don't have  money. Or books, or music, or building materials.

I just have my wits and maybe gas for a chainsaw, or wire for that fence I'm building up in Lumby...

a minimalist materials budget.

Really it's a better time to dream.

it reminds me of old times...within a few days you've read all the site's you're interested in on the web

there is the hockey game to watch tonight, but the canucks are out...

to be so bored, it leads to creativity. When there is nothing left to read I write.

When there is nothing left to read I write.


and design.

it's not like I've been really blueprint heavy in my building. The odd sketch on the back of a napkin maybe...

now's a good chance to learn some 3d...

but hold it. now's a good time to do everything but get off carbon.


not that fashionable an idea in these economic downturn days...

but a mantra that keeps ringing in my head.

I mean I accepted global warming in the 80's now I'm bored with it.

I just want to get off carbon and get on with the next thing.

clearly the next 20 years of mankind are going to be "Mankind gets off carbon"

but I want to focus on the post carbon life. I just want off now.

To do(dream) : Get off carbon.


So I have the designs. Geothermal under the lawn...Photovaltaics on the roof that look just like cedar shakes, A mag-lev windmill...

a fly wheel for storage...

but like the world, I don't have the money to implement.

So while I wait, improve the design. We can't afford to live in the carbon free world we want to but

the design can be refined and optimized for years.