Replicating Putnam (Bill Meikle)

There was a crossroads in my life. I read Putnam and found that in 1936 he had blocked the veins of dogs. Occlusions. guess what? They got MS! or encephalomyelitis which is pretty much MS…

so why didn't science pay any attention? Dunno. They fixated on the notion that MS is a neurological disease, and handed it over to neurologists. Putnam did work with blood thinners but it was the wrong path... When animal studies were conducted it was using EAE as the 'animal model' for MS. This was encephalomyelitis caused by injecting an animal with part of the nervous system tissue from another animal. A kind of allergic reaction that all the medicines were based on.

So there I was and I could see how it would go… Chronic diseases were a major cash cow for pharmaceuticals, neuros were still in charge, fast change was impossible. In this case, bad replication was very possible. Average imaging didn't show ccsvi, so if one wanted to prove it untrue they could just take standard pictures.

This was the crossroads. I kissed my wife and kids so long and I flew to Angola.

what was in Angola?? That was where Jonas Purn had his cattle ranch. It was a country without rules on animal studies…I had met Jonas on the web, he had MS(grew up in Scotland where there's low vitamin d) and wanted to know. We found a local vet and we clamped the jugular vein on 10 cows. Every month we slaughtered a cow, and the vet did an autopsy.

It took till month 9 but those last 2 cows got MS. I flew home and published the results on the web. Only patients cared that this was the mechanism! .Scientists cant hear unless it comes from the right sources. Still, the stanford animal study was due in a few months, and even docs would read that…

So I was settling in at home confident in my knowledge that Putnam would be replicated, when the stanford study comes out. Because they used mice, that have a short life span, they didn't see the lesions appear. Science would go back to sleep. Just like 1936.

So there I am back in Angola again. This time we do surgery on 20 cows blocking their veins. We don't start killing (and eating) them until month 8 then we see 1 a month for a year. By the end of month 24 these cows are spastic with balance issues…For sure this is it.

I mean its not like Patients aren't getting fixed. Every day someone flies off to somewhere and gets some stents put in, some angioplasty, but a lot of people aren't fixed. A lot of doctors still voice the old line. If you look up MS today you will still see 'an autoimmune disease, neurological in origin.
Neither of those is true.

I proved it. I replicated Putnam.