Critical Thinking about the Web Audience

Think about a medium where rather than just getting criticized by critics, the artist can write a criticism
of the audience and publish it!!

Here's the 25 most popular pieces of music on my site. It would be cool to evolve a qt movie that is a song
generated by people's taste...

My bebop tune made the top 25! There is hope in the universe!

clearly we are head bangers. The most popular peice of music is also the most guitarish. 
I have a ton more like this I'll put more up.

this one shows that web's taste is eccentric.

I'm glad the web dug this one out. Now I might re-record it with my new mic setup.
a fairly complete improvissation. I was making up the words as I went.
The winds of change was canada's new government and this was a few days
before the election...
oo this one's pretty bad. I knew it would find some listeners though.
I can do that niche better really.
Yikes I should take this down. There's a better version.
I wouldnt even have put this awful thing up if the chorus hadn't broken
me out of an algorhythmic harmonic rut I was stuck in.
This is the better version of this tune. together with the bad one, this probably
competes for most popular tune.
this just gets hits because its the first tune in the new blog.
I like my sax playing on this...
conversation.mp3 -please.mp3

dont like this one. or the one above.'83-whocanitbe.mp3
all of these harmonizer tests it takes me a verse to get going...
cool huh?

dont know why people listen to this

not great
this is quite good
pretensious crap

I laughed
just the first in a list again.

this was cool. When I put up the remix this got a bunch of hits. People
would have to wade through the '03 04 blog to find it...
I like it when the weird stuff gets hits.
once again the first verse is flawed.
a pure hands track gets in the top 25!
This is why I did this! The web is so hip that my only real jazz tune made the top 25! The long tail
finds its diamonds in the rough! this is the tune I would probably put first!