Ok we made it to poland.

  I'll have to say after spending years of my life travelling on probably about 100 airlines that LUFTHANSA WAS THE WORST AIRLINE IVE EVER FLOWN ON.

Not because the flight was bad. A bit cramped but ok meals, and friendly stewardesses. No, the problem was after an 8 fr flight (10?) to Frankfurt and a 4 hour layover, they arbitrarily cancelled our  connecting flight.

it wasn't that they just bumped us to another lateer flight, they cancelled the later flight to Krakowice too. Really, it goes back to the day i booked this, when the travel agent came up with a milk run for a cheap price. As an old

frugal traveller I would usually go for this but I paid 300 extra for a direct run. Not.

    "I have a medical procedure in Poland tomorrow worth thousands of dollars, are you going to pay for that?" I said to the ticket agent.

    "No" he said with a cold germanic stare.

    "So you feel you can just arbitrarily break a contract, because you didn't sell enough seats?"

      Don't remember how he answered. I mean they did put us on a milk run through venice and finally to Krakow, (an hours drive further) but the assumption, the arrogance behind this

service, puts them at the very bottom of my list of 100. The goal of this blog is to cost them the half million dollars they saved by not flying, in lost business.

 There should be consequences. You cant do this.