Trying to write

I sold my camera. While it was fun just travelling around and shooting, pretending to be a photographer,
in the end I began to feel like an imposter. I need to tell stories. I don't want to be a great technician,
but a quirky independant film maker.

So this is my novel: Terra Days.

The novel is a tale of mankind's survival after a dark post industrial period.
It's a tale that I have been spinning in various ways for decades, where mankind transforms in a believable way to non-carbon based fuels. Trouble is, I've never managed to buy in myself. Now I can.  I just want free of the entire notion.
Prety universally unpopular, the book is full of easy to fix mechanical issues, Maybe some day I will get it right.
All I'm really proud of with it is the structure. I'd rather you skim the whole book than get stuck on the first chapter's details.
note:the current version on my page is quite broken. You might want to read chapter 1 and 2 there and then jump to the old e-book on

A short story called Orton.
Really this is just a chance to get at some funny. Vonnegut licks occur.

A start on a rock opera for you tube.

A story of two young students in Vancouver. BicycleSubways

a bunch of short things.

I still don't have my film script but I have it surrounded. It will come

I am writing another book: " Forest House Notes" a non-fiction thing about my years homesteading in the woods. Talking out my 34 year old.
Another non fiction book of travel stories may follow,but I hope the first spherical feature length movie script emerges. It;s gotta.