I've spent years of my life wandering the planet, and I have boxes of photos and diaries to cover them..
In this section of my page I'll attempt to organize some of these travel tales...

First:A record of my path....

I spent a year when I was 20/21 (1983) travelling across America,Europe and Africa by myself.

Sue and I went to Peru/Bolivia  in '86  for 3months

Sue and I went China/Thailand  in '88 for 3 months

Returned to Africa a couple of times. for 3 months each time.
In '89 I crossed the sahara and west africa
and took a bus to meet sue who was working in South Africa....

We Lived in New Zealand for '91.  12 months

We travelled around India in '95 3 months

Fiji in '99 2 months

France in 2003. 1 month

Costa Rica 2005 3 weeks 

Around The World 2008

Worked in Malaysia for jan/feb 2009