Spherical Video From Malaysia

These shots were taken in Jan/Feb 09 in Sabah, Sarawak and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. (Also
Malaca and Penang...)

They are all copyrighted and owned by Capital Studios, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
Used with their kind permission.

These pictures were projected onto large dome buildings in zoom malaysia

A pano shot from inside the dome with the putrajaya shot below displayed on the walls

Borneo Market at Dusk
This is shot with a new helmet rig that I made the night before I left on this job...  I was too tall, and my walk too bumpy but Wani (a local) gets great results.
I like the light at sunset...

a drive through kl

Petronas towers Lobby
The Petronas towers were the tallest buildings in the world until a while back. This spinning sculptue is near the base..

Petronas Towers up
This is the towers looking up.

Feeding Parrots at KL Bird Park

Borneo Dance from centre stage
This shot will probably get audio one of these days. We were lucky enough to be allowed to put the  ladybug in the centre of the stage and its great to pan around and find yourself in the middle of the dance...This is one of my favorite shots.

Peacock  in Kuala Lumpur
A peacock in the bird park in KL did a perfect spin for me. Maybe it was shooting a pano in its head...

A cartop along a lake in KL...

Gold God
The Indian community in Malaysia holds a huge festival at Baru Caves called Thaipusam. If you look to the left of the huge gold statue, there is a staircase going up to the caves with massive crowds of people. There is a massive parade of human floats, some with spikes piercing their skin and supporting objects. When you approach a float , groups of people will hold hands around the float to protect the person in the centre..

This shot is from the Base on that stair case

This is a Pilgrim's walk. I'm just travelling towards the statue/stairs and I find myself in the main parade. Suddenly there are ropes on either side of me and a crowd of people watching along the sides. This continues til I find an escape route. Thick crowds of peopl with a huge white guy in their mids wearing a helmet that makes him look like an alien..

A Bhuddist Temple in Penang...One of my favorite shots...The tourist lady at the beginning is like an add for tourism malaysia..the lanterns folding back look great on the ladybug.

A canopy walk in Borneo..

Spinners at ThaiPusam

Foliage at Poring, Sabah Borneo

The Blue Mosque outside KL

A disco in Penang...

Kite flying in Malaca

Feeding deer on Likowi island

Riding a Fernicular railway
up a mountain in Penang

Another dance from Borneo

a boat ride on likhowi island

 a bridge at putra jaya

gondola ride...

A bicycle ride in  Melaca

  a Ferris Wheel at the Eye on Malaysia site in Malaca

other shots (more than a dozen) from all around malaysia. Click on the icon to the right of the center controller to see the menu. Looks like a sheet of text. 


Monkey Fall

really this shot is just a funny outake.   I'm shooting some monkeys I came across in a park in Kuala Lumpur.
 It's a dangerous game, I found when I backed off 5 metres or so they would walk right up to the ladybug and I'd get these awesome shots of the monkeys staring right into the lenses...
This is the 3rd try, the first I was too close to the camera and no monkeys came around. The second was better. On try 3 you can see that things were starting to spiral out of control.. It opens with a troublemaker biting on the fibre optic wire that leads between the head and compressor. I manage to scare him back by getting big, but then he drags the compressor and some wires til I scare him again. Then if you pan to follow him, you'll see him walk right up to the lens, look in, and knock the tripod over!
 Luckily it was at it's lowest, like less than half a metre up, and it was in a forest of soft leaves. .. Also the LB has a square base so the lenses are protected if it falls...All was ok, the shot even keeps rolling...