elephant ride with ladybug on helmet


a visit to phnom phen to see Paul Stewart and Ander Jiras..

This first helmet shot was in the market with all things known to man.  The compressor just couldn't handle this complexity so this is crunched twice as much as other shots to get to web-size..

here's a pano by anders of the same market. That's me wearing the helmet rig...

 Paul has been playing with the lady bug and done cool things with it...

check out this drive straight into traffic on the back of a motorcycle
I find that uncumfortable to watch..

I like the exposure on this traffic shot by the market..

an elephant drive by (let it loop it doesnt play that great first time)

in a tuktuk
(I hope you can't read lips)

 twice around the independence arch  once in a tuktuk, once on the back of a moto

riding an elephant throught the streets of phnom phen...(hang on!)

Anders and I went to a cool orphanage where they teach the kids to dance..

a boat on the river at sunset (this is less than 2 meg!)

A final dance performance I went to with Anders. This is Phnom Phen modern dance group doing an African dance. Talk about cultural blending! A smaller version.