Great Panning Video made with a Ladybug2 from Point Grey

Interactive Video Blogging? a 75 episode+  experiment in vrhotwires by Bill Meikle..

Nice flash labels from Italy by Nicola Graverini

An interesting use of vrh in a movie for
The National Trust

Directional sound in panning video made in vrh is here...
A Big Example by Johnathan Wilkinson and a tiny one by
Bill Meikle

World in Motion is making spriteoramas all over the world. Check Their Motion Video of the month done in vrh

Butterflies by Graham Clark (Uses On2 codec)

David Goldwasser did a great spriteorama and tutorial
gear:360 One VR with Sony PC100 mini DV

 Another great tutorial on flash and qt. This time doing excellent flash lables David Connolly at Harlands does it again

 Cool roller coaster ride Great spriteoramas from germany-Daniel Maurer

 Commercial work, on Ebay house Carrington Weems used the image labels on this very nice and high profile ebay project...

 Added zoom to panning video: use the shift and control keys to zoom in ...(Dennis Gliksman photography)

 Nice panning video : from Vancouver ...Graham Clark-needs On2 codec

 Paul Stewart. sent this amazing demo mode of Cambodia really is a mystic land of temples

 Dennis Gliksman. makes panning video with a single high res still camera. Looks so high-res and still a small file size...

 How to make your own panoramic video system. wtih $750 and some plywood

 Immersivision. by a team at the University of Southern California (their site)

 Jook's Spriteorama. by Jook Leung

 Store a work in progress QTVR shopping system this will look ok on windows, you can pan to the left 90 degrees and see a black shirt. Drag it down into the shopping cart. New bug on osX.3 on mac makes it draw wrong.

 Coolest linear transition by greg downing

 Aerospheric These aerospherics from australia are shot from way up in the air somehow. Jeff Jagoe added very nice image labels to hotspots with vrhotwires

 Great new house tours with linear transitions by Paul Carter another here

 This is a timelapse by Ian James Wood by his page is here

 We wrote a cubic spriteorama engine so we can play video in a 360 sphere... Here's one by Irene Blueth

1.2 meg for a full screen example...

the same movie at 132k, pushing a full screen example...

Here's one by Anders Jiras (click the 'overlap' button to hide the seams..) Anders overlap pano
Another by Anders Jiras (now works fine on windows) Theatre with movie

David Goldwasser did a Construction Site  Time-Lapse

Awsome Golf walthrough with flash by Ian Haddow

 Paul Stewart in Cambodia...sent this pano the day the riot occured... Uses the vrhotwires image label tool in an innovative way ...

   Screensaver tool with qt6 skin-window sizing... qt6 pano as screensaver... ...

   And another Screensaver with directional sound by Birger Borgwardt in Denmark... qt6 pano as screensaver... ...

    Anders Jiras nice Spriteorama in 184k vrh 1.3 spriteorama tool use ...

    Irene Blueth's nice use of the text label and image label tools label tool use ...

    Dennis Gliksman's photography of a walker... use the number pad to walk them around... ...

    Phillipe Laines's nice stained glass window with a demo mode script ...

    November 2002
    Irene Blueth's nice demo mode use ...

     October 2002
     Look how fast a full screen Spriteorama can pan ! (Anders          Jiras photography...)

    October 2002
     Bill Meikle's been working on linking simple    
Narrative with multinode Panos...

  Sept 2002
   Great panos of motion video by Alberto Veronese

  Sept 2002

  George H Thomas does nice work with a BeHere camera..

   July 2002 
   Screen Savers!

  July 2002 
   Flash that fires when you mouseover a hotspot! Harlands does it again ....

   June 2002

   A new Pano-Made-of-sprites engine is being written in                vrhotwires... with movies like these:
. David Currey, Irene Blueth's , Anders Jiras , and Bill Meikle ...

  may 2002 
   a test 10 level arcade game, thundeboing ,  made in vrhotwires

   on osX itlooks better in qt player, thunderboing  

   may 2002 
   Pro Car VR with sound Labels
   Tim Petros is a great photographer, and now he uses                    vrhotwires sound labels! (click hotspots to get audio tracks...)

   april 2002
  Art Pano
  Paul Stewart put together this abstract pano that is good when     you just watch, and better when you interact...

  march 2002
   Harlands had done great flash/VR work, here's more. A movie    where hotspot clicks trigger flash button actions.
   You can open the door at the start if you walk around and            interact...

  feb 2002
  Text entry pano ... A test by Bill Meikle to show how text entry   and interaction can be achieved in the pano.

   feb 2002
    Sorenson 3 object in a pano . Only works in os9 with qt5,          works everywhere with qt6... very clean and small file.

   Jan 2002
   intermovie tour
    Bill Bowles multinode of ucla presented as multiple single           nodes linked by a shared compass and map movie...

   Jan 2002
   Walking girl in a pano    use the number pad on your                  keyboard to walk the girl around in the pano.

   Jan 2002...
    Flash with VR movies made in vrh...and another