Phnom Penh, January 30,2003: The city's governor says Cambodian military police have arrested at least 20 protesters following the anti-Thai rioting in the capital. The governor, Chea Sophara, was speaking after more than 500 Thai citizens were evacuated by Thai military aircraft after students torched the Thai embassy and businesses. 'I couldn't believe they burnt down not only the hotels but also the mobile phone company' - owned by family of Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra - says the governor. Thailand has recalled its ambassador; suspended civilian flights between the two countries; is reducing economic and technical cooperation and closing its border to Cambodians as a result of the riots. In Bangkok, about 1,000 Thais gathered outside the Cambodian embassy in response to the riots. The rioting prompted the Thai Prime Minister to say he would send commandos to restore order in the embassy compound if the Cambodian security forces failed. The trouble began after Cambodian radio stations and newspapers reported that television drama actress Suvanan Kongying - who is immensely popular with the Cambodians - had declared that she would never perform in Cambodia unless the Angkor Wat temples were 'returned' to Thailand. Her alleged remarks, which she denied, sparked the furore. One person - believed to be a looter - is known to have been shot dead by Cambodian military police.