Well, the scripting language in vrhotwires, VRnaculur is now complete. So I've been testing it a lot...

as I've gone, I've been digging around for new techniques in qt. Some of these movies may be of interest to you.

You can get a demo of VRHotwires and VRNacular here

Remember vrhotwires is the only app out there that decompiles wired scripts,
so you can open all these movies in the app and look at their wired scripts, and tweek them.
Write variations with your own media!

1. Simple BreakOut Game with qt5 collision detection (10k)

Probably the most successful (fluke) test I've done in the last few weeks was this little test for a breakout game:
It really goes fast because of a new qt5 wired operand: spriteIDAtPoint... and it's just 10k. (i cheated and used a function
outside of vrhtowires to recompress the sprite data for tiniest file size... (this zlib compression should work in vrh for beta 19.5 or so)You can move the paddle with these four keys: k l o ,           it's just 10k.

also check out a shot at an asteroids-like game

2. VRStreaming tests.

         VR panos are still too big for slow connections to the web, but we can do a lot more interesting things while you wait...
I just started on this technique, but it has a lot of possiblities...It was pioneered by the awsome Michael Schaff and
might be just what you're looking for.

Here's my     First try:

I took a pano and added a text track that plays while it loads.

Then I did a better version here:

Anders Pano

With the use of flash as well as text I can see this being pretty handy...

check out a
flash loader

or here's the basics for creating a movie with a sprite that stretches depending on amount loaded
stretch progress bar

3.  More game tests:

This is a completely working game kinda. I mean it keeps score using qt5 TextTrackPaste into a text track...

To get points you have to move the little man to the hat at the bottom right. You have to hit the top left corner of the hat,
then you'll get your points and be sent back to the beginning.

easy, excpet each time one of the bad sprites touches you you lose ten points.

You use the j k , and o to move....

   hat collector:

Then I did another game test with a little dog that runs along, with a scrolling screen. You use the number pad: 6 is right, 4 is left,

and the 'a' key to jump.

   dog scrolling plat:

This is also a technique you might use for a scrolling map overhead that walked a figure around between qtvrs. It's tiny so you can
load it first...

4.  Warping sprite locked to pano:

Well one of the holy grails for VR these days is a good working store, and I'm getting closer to working out
the graphics problems of shopping... In this test you can drag 3 items down into the shopping basket and they'll stay there...

store3      a first dragable items store

In this test I try to warp the sprite to match the pano better. It's an improvement, but there are some odd behaviours!

warped draggin sprite

5. Stretched sprites making 3d mazes

In  this test I take the same little 32*32 sprites used in the breakout and scrolling platform game
and try to make a 3d maze out of them.

To see the maze scroll click and hold down the brown tile at the end of the hallway.

SpriteStretch is the wired action that makes this one go... It is a very useful and quirky call...

test 1

I haven't compressed this one, so I'd guess it could be as small as 10k... might be useful to expan and use
in combination with some qtvr nodes...

6. movie-in-a-movie sound for QTVR

This is a version of Alain Dousinnard's 2 node  qtvr transition that has miam sound included:

           (at 185 k it is 10k larger than the version without sound)

This should be an object movie with asynchronous sound. Both of these were done using the 'simple sound'
tool in vrhotwires....


7.  other tests:
 a version of the old ooga chaca baby demo from vrscript in the qt format...
I think this demo was originally put up in vrscript format in 1997, and we can
do it in the qt format now (must add directional sound...)


linear transition in my driveway.

 midi keyboard