In this picture all four of us are standing in the coliseum. We were all really, really tired.


Welcome to our trip around the world!

On jan 13 2008 Meridy, Jasmine, Bill and Sue left Vancouver heading west. We hope to come back from the east. A circumnavigation. RTW. The whole ball. We’re off and running!  Feel free to click around through our photos, movies, audio and text... There are even some spherical videos made with the ladybug2, a camera bill is carrying despite the odds..

     Homeschooling is ongoing as we proceed... Volcanoes studied in real volcanoes, biodiversity, in wilderness preserves, we hope to absorb vitamin d, cultures, and wisdoms of the world, as we learn to see through other’s eyes, and wonder at the diversity around us...  Hope you enjoy it, we certainly are...