rough footage

Any scratch audio or tilt limiting is just for placeholder purposes.

click and drag on the video to pan.

The song ambling alp is here

the horseride  shot

Crater shot take 1
the drums are just to test if a smooth and continuous sound track fix the jerkiness in the visuals.
It's a tribe in west africa I got off youtube. I think they might be called the djembe people...
this is buffer overflow in the laptop and means I need a new box with a solid state drive.
twice around the world is enough for that old girl...

Crater shot take 2
this take is might have the best sequence

the compressor has troubles with this one and renders a huge file. I'll leave it to demi to play with...
this is all the frames, it only needs to be a few seconds, not 2 minutes...
 I like it more than I thought (since it was nearly dark)...It has a sculptural quality. I think it
invents video sculpture

Mirror take 1

Mirror take 2

inside a kaleidascope.

I think the shot invents recursive film making/sculpture. I want to see it in a igger room with the people 12 feet from the camera

so they have no parallex error. Although the way this uses parallex error as a feature is cool.