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We create interactive 3D movies that let digital objects communicate with the digital environment as real-world objects do. Thanks to this technique, you will be able to transition from a vibrant web-based perception to truly interactive VR/AR/MR observations.

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Easy steps to convert iMovie Project to Quicktime format!

iMovie Project
If you’re looking for video editing software by Apple Inc., iMovie is the one for you! It is typically a file format that is used by iMovie to store and save video projects within an application. iMovie is one of the best video editing software applications that Apple Inc. develops for macOS and iOS devices. The iMovie format, also known as iMovie Project, is a file format used by iMovie to save and store video projects created within the application. QuickTime is a multimedia framework and media player developed by Apple Inc. that is available for both macOS and Windows operating systems. QuickTime format, also known as MOV format, is a video container file format used by the QuickTime media player to store video, audio, and other multimedia data.
You can follow this guide if you wish to convert an iMovie project to a Quicktime format.

Step 1

  • Open your iMovie application and select the project you wish to convert.

Step 2

  • Once you’ve selected the project, go to the share menu on top of the toolbar and select ‘File.’
  • You can select the ‘export’ option from there to move/copy the file to a new destination.

Step 3

  • Once you enter the export settings window, you can click on QuickTime as your format
  • You will have the option to choose between 720p or 1080p, depending on the video quality you’re looking for
  • You can also customize other options based on your video needs.

Step 4

  • Before you export, you need to choose the destination folder and provide a relevant name to your file.
  • In addition, you can also choose the type of file you wish to save it as.

Step 5

  • Once you’ve provided the name, you can click on ‘export’ and wait for the conversion to happen.
  • This process can take some time, depending on the size and length of your video.

Step 6

  • Once you’re done with the conversion from iMovie to Quicktime, you can check once to see if everything is working.
  • You can also share this format of the file with others.
  • You can use other video-sharing platforms or email directly.
iMovie project


Converting your iMovie project to QuickTime format is an easy way to share your videos with others. QuickTime is a widely used format that is compatible with most platforms, making it easy for others to view your content. By following the steps outlined above, you can convert your iMovie project to QuickTime format quickly and easily. So, go ahead and share your creative work with the world! If you want to convert your iMovie videos to Quicktime format, you can check out this guide and effectively convert your videos to the best quality.  

Best Virtual Reality Movies To Get Lost In A Simulation

Virtual Reality Movies

Virtual Reality movies are the best way to escape reality and dive into the illusionary world. Due to the growing popularity of VR, this technology is used to stream movies and series, which is gaining popularity among various audiences.

VR movies offer an immersive experience that takes you to a new world, making you feel like you’re a part of the story. This article will discuss some of the best virtual reality movies that will make you get lost in a simulation.

Gravity VR

It is a popular VR movie that will take you into space. It is based on a hit movie, Gravity, which allows its audience to submerge themselves in the thrilling experience of being an astronaut. The experience puts you in the shoes of Sandra Bullock’s character as you float through space, dodging debris and trying to survive. The movie is also an excellent choice for those who want to experience space, feel like an astronaut, and get submerged in the emptiness of space around them.

The Walk VR

The Walk VR is a virtual reality experience based on the movie The Walk. The experience takes you on a journey to the top of the World Trade Center. The plot of the movie is based on the true story of Philippe Petit. The experience is an excellent choice for those who want to experience the thrill of walking on a tightrope and feel like they are on top of the world.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One

It is an adventure film based on science fiction, directed by Spielberg. The movie’s setting is the date of 2045, providing futuristic visions for the world. The movie shows the world in decline, and the few people left will seek refuge in a virtual reality world called OASIS. Wade Watts, the protagonist, embarks on a quest to find the hidden gem in the game, which leads to a battle between good and evil. If you wish to experience the 3D effect of action and thriller, along with experiencing the greatest VR effects, you can pick this movie.


Everyone who is a thriller fan will know exactly what this movie is about and the chills it sends down the viewers’ spine. Thank the VR technology made this movie all the more interesting. It’s mostly themed around the struggle to make it through the maze of life while exploring the realities of dreams. The mysterious and captivating setting, storyline, and exceptional actors using VR technology make it a blockbuster for all VR fans.


In conclusion, virtual reality movies offer an immersive experience that takes you to a new world. These movies allow you to experience something extraordinary and feel part of the story. So, whether you want to experience a world of possibilities and adventure or feel like an astronaut, these movies offer something for everyone. So, get your virtual reality headset and immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality movies.

How Can You Watch Movies in Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality

Watching movies in virtual reality is a wonderful way to experience cinema in a whole new light. It takes the immersive feel of a theater and makes it available anywhere in the world. It also offers a chance to bond with your friends and family in a fun, interactive way. If you are wondering how you can watch movies in virtual reality, here are some tips to follow:

Have a high-quality headset

The most important thing to remember when watching a movie in VR is to make sure you use a high-quality headset. You’ll need one that can hold up to a lot of pressure. You’ll want to be able to see clearly and comfortably, and a headset that fits your face and body will be the most comfortable.

watching a movie

Get streaming apps

A few apps are available that can help you stream and enjoy movies in virtual reality. Some of them are free, while others cost money. For example, the Virtual Desktop app can connect your PC to a VR headset and allow you to stream videos from Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services. Another great option is Bigscreen, which allows you to share your screen with friends and watch a movie together.

Social VR is still in its infancy, but new apps are bringing the idea of socializing with other people through virtual reality to life. These new apps let you watch movies with your friends or interact with strangers worldwide.

Take intervals in between

It is recommended that you watch movies in sections of half an hour to an hour, with breaks in between. This will help you get used to the virtual reality experience and give your eyes a break. It is important to avoid going too long when you first start using a virtual reality headset, as it can tax your body.

Choosing the right video for your VR headset

Several types of videos can be viewed in VR, including 180/360-degree videos and 3D videos rendered in full VR. You can choose which video format works best for you, but choosing a quality video with good resolution and can handle high amounts of movement is best.

The best videos for your headset will depend on the type of experience you’re looking for. There are 3D videos that provide a full-immersive experience and 2D videos that are similar to those you would see on a TV or computer monitor.

For example, a video shot with a camera pointing down or at an angle will look distorted in a VR headset. This is not a problem in many cases, but it can be annoying.

It can be difficult to find the perfect video for your VR headset, but there are a few options that you should consider. These include the VR Movies app from Sony PlayStation and Whirlygig. This Oculus Rift-compatible video player can be downloaded for free or paid $4 to get the latest version and support for other devices.

How to Make 3D Animations in Simple Steps

3D Animations

3D animations for videos and pictures are a growing trend in today’s world. From video games to television advertisements and series, there are a plethora of arenas where 3D animations have shown their magic. Three-dimensional art forms originated in the 1960s but grew popular after their application in Toy Story. 3D animation is an increasingly rapid genre, a highly competitive field to get into!

If you’re wondering where to get started and how to create the most realistic 3D animations, we have mentioned simple steps to get started in this article!

Steps to make 3D Animations


Nothing can be built without a concept, and the same principle is applied to 3 animations as well. The storyline of the original piece is key to building the best concepts for animation. For instance, famous companies like Pixar spend 2-3 years building the right script and drawing sketches before they begin production.



Once the script and concepts are finalized, storyboarding is essential to know the story’s sequence of events. Generally, a professional storyboard artist is hired to get the job done with a cinematic direction. This step is like a blueprint that governs the creativity and production process.

3D Modeling

Modeling is the process followed to construct characters and objects with the help of a mathematical representation of all or certain elements of the sketch. For example, software tools like Autodesk Maya, Blender, and Z-brush are sued to create a mesh and generate rudimentary shapes like spheres, cubes, planes, and so on.


Texturing refers to the outer finishing of the object, which can be anything from skin or clothing to brickwork or metal, depending on the object under consideration. Again, hiring a texture artist at this stage of 3D animation is recommended.

Skinning and Rigging

Rigging mainly refers to developing pictures and skeletons in character for animation, which allows for their movement and interactions. Once this is done with the help of riggers, skinning is performed to smoothen out all the mechanics present underneath the object.


This is the main part where the created storyboard is made to line with the characters created. Since the 3D character is created from scratch, it is important to do the right animations for the characters to look realistic. Therefore, a 3D animator will generally go through a series of options before delivering the final look.



Rendering, also called image synthesis, refers to generating a 3D animation with the help of a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). By putting the developed render equation into the software, it can develop a 3D animated scene.

VFX and composting

After the image and animation go through multiple processes of rendering, a final draft is ready, which is called composting. This process will take care of fine elements like shadows, lighting, and others! In addition, VFX effects are added to the animation at this stage, along with music and foley.

Final output

Once all the editing and re-editing are done for the final 3D animation, the final 3D animated output is ready for use.

Must-watch Virtual Reality Movies

Virtual Reality Movies

Almost every business is embracing virtual reality from health care to education to video games and clothing. In an effort to improve the user experience in digital surroundings, movie companies also are constantly experimenting with this special technology. The enormous growth of Virtual reality movies has kept the market streaming more widely. Here are a few must-watch virtual reality movies you shouldn’t miss.

Save every breath: The Dunkirk VR experience

The most recent World War II-themed smash from Christopher Nolan comes first on the list. The World War II drama Dunkirk is a great film that tells three distinct stories from the air, sea, and land. The virtual reality experience transports you to the World War II battles and suffering that are taking place all around you. You’ll remain engrossed the entire time because of the excellent storyline.

Your breath is taken away by the virtual reality experience, which immerses you in danger when submerged underwater in the channel, then transports you to the air while you pilot an RAF Spitfire, and ultimately places you on the beach alongside thousands of other trapped Allied soldiers.

The conjuring 2 – Enfield 360 experience

The Conjuring will undoubtedly come in the first place when ranking the top horror films of all time. Numerous frightening situations have been introduced to us thanks to the film series. After The Conjuring 2 became a huge hit with fans, a Virtual – reality version was produced to capitalize on the buzz. You can enter Hodgson’s house on your own and witness all the terrifying scenes virtually through the VR experience. The Enfield Haunting can be viewed in 360 degrees. If you want to get a true The Conjuring 2 experience, see this movie—not for the faint of heart.

The invisible man

The Invisible Man has a stronger emphasis on the story than other VR movies on this list do. The Invisible Man, as the title suggests, features some eerie details that are disclosed at the conclusion of the narrative. In the movie, two inexperienced drug dealers conceal a cache of potent drugs. They fight to escape a merchant to those whom they owe money for the duration of the film. The dealer offers to play Russian roulette to settle the deal. The suspense begins to build, making it worthwhile to watch with virtual reality goggles.

Fairness works

Fairness works- Refugee crisis

Fairness Works: Refugee Crisis, which has won numerous prizes, such As the Rosies and The Webby Awards is about refugees from North America. The story takes place in the United States, where the government has declared war and families are being ejected from their homes. The main lessons of this film are violence, emotions, and war, which are best understood from a first-person perspective. You can experience life from the perspective of a refugee fleeing the United States through a 360-degree virtual reality (VR) experience. The tension, conflict, and drama are all palpable around you.

Uses of Animation in Various Industries


Animation is used in many industries. It can be a useful form of communication, such as in the medical and engineering fields. It is also used to tell stories and show different concepts, like in movies and video games. It has also been used for marketing purposes for over 100 years, starting with early film advertisements.


Animation can be used to help market a product or service. It can be used to explain something difficult to explain, such as how a product works or what the service does.



Animation is an excellent medium for advertising because it helps to create a memorable message. Animation can be used to tell a story or create a character, which helps people remember and relate to what they’ve seen on screen.

It also can create a brand personality, which means that animation can engagingly tell your business’s story while making strong emotional connections between you and your audience. Animation can even be used to explain how products or services work!


Animation is used to explain complex and abstract concepts. For example, animation can help teachers explain the physics of planets in our solar system. It can be used to teach children how to read, write, and do math and science.

TV shows

Animation is used in a variety of TV shows, including comedies, dramas, and children’s shows. The characters are often created through animation techniques. Animation can also create special effects or background scenes that would not be possible with live-action filming techniques.

Movies and video games

Animation, in its broadest sense, is the process of creating visual art with a variety of mediums ranging from paper to film. Animation can be used for many purposes, such as storytelling or special effects.

One use of animation is creating special effects in movies and video games. In order to make these effects, animators need to know how to draw characters and environments that look real enough for audiences to believe what they see on screen.

By using various techniques, including computer-generated imagery (CGI), animators can bring their drawings to life while maintaining a consistent style that makes it look like it wasn’t animated at all!

Medical and engineering fields

Animation can be used in a variety of ways in the healthcare and engineering industries. For example, medical animators design training materials for nursing students to use when learning about anatomy and physiology. They may also create visualizations that help doctors diagnose illnesses or injuries.

Medical animation is also used by patients who are undergoing surgery or treatment of some kind. The patient can view images of their procedure on a screen at their bedside as it is being performed, allowing them to understand what is going on during guidelines that might be too complex or dangerous for them to observe directly.

An animation is a powerful tool for promoting your brand, product, or service. It can be used to catch people’s attention and make them interested in your product. Animation has also been used in TV shows, movies and video games to create characters people care about. Animation uses are endless, but they all have one thing in common: they make things easier for us humans!

QuickTime Player User Guide for Mac

QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is one of the most prominent multi-media players of the decade. Apple Inc. developed it as an interactive tool to handle all major video, sound, and image formats for Mac users. Apple also released a complimentary version for Windows users, which is not receiving any support or updates as of now. Although VLC and KMPlayer have taken over the industry, QuickTime Player is still a preferred choice among Mac users. QuickTime Player still comes preinstalled on Mac computers and receives updates regularly. QuickTime Player still has a competitive advantage due to its wide range of features. In addition to playing video files, you can also play images and audio. It also comes with basic video editing, screen recording, and streaming features.

Editing your Videos with QuickTime Player:

In addition to viewing your multi-media files all in one place, you can also use QuickTime Player to edit your videos. Basic actions like Splitting, Rearranging, Adding, Rotating, and Trimming can be performed with the help of QuickTime Player. To split your videos into clips, click View —- Show Clips. Then move the cursor to the points where you want to split the clip and then click Edit —- Split Clip. After splitting your clips, click Done and Save your work. After you split your video into clips, you might want to rearrange them for later use. To do that, click on View —- Show Clips, then drag to rearrange different clips into position. When you have finished rearranging your clips, click Done. In QuickTime Player, users can also clip two different media together. To add a clip at the end of a video, choose Edit —- Add clip to the End. To add it to the beginning of a video, choose Edit —- Add clip to the beginning. Alternatively, you can also insert a clip elsewhere in the video for which press Edit —- Insert Clip after Selection. Click on Choose Media to find and select the clip you want to add to your video. After finishing, click Done.

QuickTime Player

Screen recording with QuickTime Player:

With QuickTime Player, you can record your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod screens. You can then save this file on your computer, stream it, or upload it to popular social media platforms. To use the screen recording function, choose File —- New Screen Recording. A textbox with different tools appears, from which you can select any of the options to control what you want to record. You can also use the pointers in your screen recording to highlight any information on the screen. Choose a location where you want to save your screen recording file, and then press Record. When you are finished recording, click on Stop Recording in the menu bar.

Disadvantages of QuickTime Player:

One of the major disadvantages of QuickTime Player, compared with other options in the market, is that they come with limited functions for free use. Most of the features available can only be taken advantage of in a Premium version. Yet another disadvantage is that QuickTime Player needs third-party software to play certain video formats. QuickTime Player doesn’t slow down the computer but requires ample storage for smooth operation.

Must-See Animated Movies Coming Out In 2022

Animated Movies

If you are a huge fan of animated movies, then 2022 is the year for you. A bunch of amazing animated movies has already hit the screen this year, making people fall for its charm all over again. Both on the streaming platform and in the theaters, there are many amazing movies you should not miss.

If you are a huge fan of animated movies, you may look into this guide to find the best ones.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is a perfect installment of the Bob’s burgers television show and has won the heart of animation fans worldwide. Even though the television show is very theatrical with the incorporation of a musical number, the movie has adopted the characters and style of the show effortlessly. In addition, the movie’s visuals, entertainment, and plotline make it a must-watch wonderful family movie.

Bob's Burgers Movie

Turning Red

This is a fantastic animated film with some of the most important topics that parents often do not discuss with their teenage children. In the movie, we get to see the rebellion of an adolescent girl with puberty, cultural expectation, and mostly her struggle to manage her newfound skill of turning into a red panda when she is overtaken by emotion.

Even though the movie has many positive critical reviews, parents have different views. For example, some parents are against the idea of bringing up the topic of measurement, while others do not like its exploration of romantic feelings and issues related to sexuality.

But still, this is an excellent animation to watch with your kid and is considered the most diverse and riskiest in Pixar history.

The Bad Guys

This is one of the most entertaining animated heist comedy films of 2022 that is loosely based on the children’s book series by Aaron Blabey, which goes by the same name. If you watch the film, you will understand the movie has drawn inspiration from crime films and anime series such as Ocean’s Eleven franchise, Pulp fiction, and Beastars.

The animation film takes us to a world human and anthropomorphic animal co-exists. The movie is comical and has a great plotline and great characters, making it a family film.


Lightyear is an animated film co-produced by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. This is one of the most anticipated animated movies by all the fans of the Toy Story franchise. The plotline of Buzz Lightyear follows the story of the legendary space ranger who is isolated to space on an unknown planet with his crew.

So, get ready to see if your favorite hero will be able to return home and face the antagonist Emperor Zurg and his ruthless army.


Are you feeling unlucky? Then it is time for you to see the wonderful story of an 18-year-old girl Sam who is plagued by bad luck. Being an orphan and unlucky made her life miserable. But what will happen when the mysterious black cat with a shining penny enters her life? Will she turn lucky, or will her life turn more miserable? This is a wonderful story with amazing animation and a storyline that will enable you to go through an emotional roller-coaster. Watch these amazing movies and explore the vibrant world of animation.

Best Animation Software for Any Beginner or Advanced User

Animation Software

The greatest animation software will help you make your content stand out while also making it simple to convey your ideas to reality. This list includes some of the most commonly used tools you could employ to change your process, and we’ve included a variety of tools for both inexperienced and seasoned artists.

Moho Pro

Award-winning Macintosh filmmaking program Moho Pro is equipped with all the tools required to produce 2D cartoons of the highest caliber. Your designs would leap off the display thanks to its robust modeling technology, and the Smart Bones function will improve your subject’s physical movements and facial emotions.


Moho Pro


Moho is commonly considered the accepted standard for skilled animations and was used by the Irish production company Cartoon Saloon on the Academy award features The Breadwinner, Song of the Sea, Mystery of Preston, and Wolfwalkers.

CelAction 2D

CelAction2D is a 2D animation program for Windows that comes in four printings: Professional, Expert, Animation, and School. If you’re dealing with a big team, generating motion pictures, designing television shows, or making animated features, the Studio version is a great option. This version is constantly the first to get updates, maintenance, and improved software.

The Professional edition can be the most appropriate for you if you operate independently or with a tiny group. There is also the Animator version if you do not even require all of the modeling features, but you will not be able to produce resources with this, you will need to have the Studio version for just that.


Did you ever desire to have a surprisingly potent drawing tool in your palms? With Procreate for iPad, you can create your best work. You can draw out animatics, build continuous GIFs, and create gorgeous cartoons with Procreate’s Animation Assist without anyone ever touching your laptop. You could draw, paint, and create your upcoming masterwork while on the road, as we discovered after we put it through its paces for our Procreate review. The most current edition also includes some incredibly lovely 3D tools. This software is the leading recommendation if you want to write on the go and is loved by everybody from amateurs to pros.




If you’re a skilled designer seeking a potent 3D animation tool, Maya is unquestionably among the greatest programs available. You could accomplish everything using Maya, including modeling, motion, and special effects. As if that weren’t sufficient, Maya also boasts one of the top graphics and physics systems on the market right now. During our most current Maya review, we discovered that Autodesk had enhanced the program with a number of fresh performance additions and that the most recent update has brought even more exciting new capabilities.

Additionally, Maya comes with a special function called XGen active trimming. You can utilize the tools in XGen interaction grooming, including sculpted strokes, mixers, and modeling layers, to produce various hairs and fur patterns.

How are VR and AR Changing Films?

VR and AR

In this digital era, consumers are flooded with numerous opportunities to enjoy their leisure time and keep themselves occupied. A decade back, when we think of entertainment, our mind will immediately take us to our favorite movie. But today there are various TV shows and series that are garnering the interest of the audience. The entertainment industry has become more competitive than ever before.

To survive in such a competitive field and get all the seat booked, film-making business needs to upgrade their game. To get more audience, they need to enhance the technique of storytelling and provide a superior movie experience. To provide this superior film-watching experience and to blur the line between seeing and reality, immersing technology is essential.

VR Technology

Two technology that has influenced and is transforming films more than any other technology is Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR). You can go through this article if you want to know how AR and VR are changing the course of cinema.

Influence of Virtual Reality

VR technology is a technology that will immerse the viewers in a world of virtual realities using VR headsets, thus boosting the audience’s experience.  It can influence film in various ways, like:

Sight of Experience

In the case of films, virtual reality is in a way similar to the upgradation from 2-D to 3-D with a magnified effect. While people were able to see objects or creatures coming out of the screen in 3-D, VR magnifies this effect. It enables the audience to see a particular scene from multiple sides, thus making the viewers feel that they are part of that virtual world. With VR technology the viewers will feel that they are watching live scenes and not a recorded ones.

Provides flexibility

Using VR technology for filmmaking will give directors more flexibility to shoot from whichever angle they want instead of focusing on a particular angle. Moreover, a movie on VR will enable the audience to watch it multiple times to look at different ways and angles. Viewers can also choose the timeline they want and do not have to stick on to the default timeline.

Influence of Augmented reality

Accessible VFX

By using AR technology and software in the film industry, the designers will be able to create designs and VFX that resemble reality. Not only does it create a world that resembles the real world, but it will also enable the directors and the actors to come up with a version beforehand, which will let them know what they are interacting with and act according to it.

Accessible VFX

Enhance set design

With AR, you will be able to use scanned models of the props that are going to be used in the film. With the help of these 3D models, you can know which objects will be required and where they should be put. Through AR, wall colors, props, and wardrobes can be shared in digital files. This will make the process of designing easy.

Even though AR and VR have certain limitations, they can create a world and immerse the audience, giving them a superior film-watching experience.

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