Must-watch Virtual Reality Movies

Virtual Reality Movies

Almost every business is embracing virtual reality from health care to education to video games and clothing. In an effort to improve the user experience in digital surroundings, movie companies also are constantly experimenting with this special technology. The enormous growth of Virtual reality movies has kept the market streaming more widely. Here are a few must-watch virtual reality movies you shouldn’t miss.

Save every breath: The Dunkirk VR experience

The most recent World War II-themed smash from Christopher Nolan comes first on the list. The World War II drama Dunkirk is a great film that tells three distinct stories from the air, sea, and land. The virtual reality experience transports you to the World War II battles and suffering that are taking place all around you. You’ll remain engrossed the entire time because of the excellent storyline.

Your breath is taken away by the virtual reality experience, which immerses you in danger when submerged underwater in the channel, then transports you to the air while you pilot an RAF Spitfire, and ultimately places you on the beach alongside thousands of other trapped Allied soldiers.

The conjuring 2 – Enfield 360 experience

The Conjuring will undoubtedly come in the first place when ranking the top horror films of all time. Numerous frightening situations have been introduced to us thanks to the film series. After The Conjuring 2 became a huge hit with fans, a Virtual – reality version was produced to capitalize on the buzz. You can enter Hodgson’s house on your own and witness all the terrifying scenes virtually through the VR experience. The Enfield Haunting can be viewed in 360 degrees. If you want to get a true The Conjuring 2 experience, see this movie—not for the faint of heart.

The invisible man

The Invisible Man has a stronger emphasis on the story than other VR movies on this list do. The Invisible Man, as the title suggests, features some eerie details that are disclosed at the conclusion of the narrative. In the movie, two inexperienced drug dealers conceal a cache of potent drugs. They fight to escape a merchant to those whom they owe money for the duration of the film. The dealer offers to play Russian roulette to settle the deal. The suspense begins to build, making it worthwhile to watch with virtual reality goggles.

Fairness works

Fairness works- Refugee crisis

Fairness Works: Refugee Crisis, which has won numerous prizes, such As the Rosies and The Webby Awards is about refugees from North America. The story takes place in the United States, where the government has declared war and families are being ejected from their homes. The main lessons of this film are violence, emotions, and war, which are best understood from a first-person perspective. You can experience life from the perspective of a refugee fleeing the United States through a 360-degree virtual reality (VR) experience. The tension, conflict, and drama are all palpable around you.

Must-watch Virtual Reality Movies

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