How are VR and AR Changing Films?

VR and AR

In this digital era, consumers are flooded with numerous opportunities to enjoy their leisure time and keep themselves occupied. A decade back, when we think of entertainment, our mind will immediately take us to our favorite movie. But today there are various TV shows and series that are garnering the interest of the audience. The entertainment industry has become more competitive than ever before.

To survive in such a competitive field and get all the seat booked, film-making business needs to upgrade their game. To get more audience, they need to enhance the technique of storytelling and provide a superior movie experience. To provide this superior film-watching experience and to blur the line between seeing and reality, immersing technology is essential.

VR Technology

Two technology that has influenced and is transforming films more than any other technology is Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR). You can go through this article if you want to know how AR and VR are changing the course of cinema.

Influence of Virtual Reality

VR technology is a technology that will immerse the viewers in a world of virtual realities using VR headsets, thus boosting the audience’s experience.  It can influence film in various ways, like:

Sight of Experience

In the case of films, virtual reality is in a way similar to the upgradation from 2-D to 3-D with a magnified effect. While people were able to see objects or creatures coming out of the screen in 3-D, VR magnifies this effect. It enables the audience to see a particular scene from multiple sides, thus making the viewers feel that they are part of that virtual world. With VR technology the viewers will feel that they are watching live scenes and not a recorded ones.

Provides flexibility

Using VR technology for filmmaking will give directors more flexibility to shoot from whichever angle they want instead of focusing on a particular angle. Moreover, a movie on VR will enable the audience to watch it multiple times to look at different ways and angles. Viewers can also choose the timeline they want and do not have to stick on to the default timeline.

Influence of Augmented reality

Accessible VFX

By using AR technology and software in the film industry, the designers will be able to create designs and VFX that resemble reality. Not only does it create a world that resembles the real world, but it will also enable the directors and the actors to come up with a version beforehand, which will let them know what they are interacting with and act according to it.

Accessible VFX

Enhance set design

With AR, you will be able to use scanned models of the props that are going to be used in the film. With the help of these 3D models, you can know which objects will be required and where they should be put. Through AR, wall colors, props, and wardrobes can be shared in digital files. This will make the process of designing easy.

Even though AR and VR have certain limitations, they can create a world and immerse the audience, giving them a superior film-watching experience.

How are VR and AR Changing Films?

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